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Our Mission

We bring our food culture and
products to the global market,
with pride.

We bring our food culture and products to the global market, with pride.
Through the process of overcoming the latest disaster, we, the farmers, fishers, and food producers in Tohoku, have rediscovered respect to mother nature and craftsmanship, sustainable lifestyle, and pride in our food culture and products
Encouraged and united, now we take on a global challenge to transmit our food culture and proud products to the global market.

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  • Bistro D’arbre french
  • Oupe仙台駅店
  • 株式会社Emerge


Main Activities

Our activities include:
- Hold study seminars on import regulations, market situation, culinary culture and consumer preference of target countries;
- Formulate export strategies and develop recipes/products of strategic items;
- Organize food exhibition and tasting events in Japan and in target countries (both online and on-site);
- Implement food export and conduct business negotiations

Real and online business meetings
Team Tohoku Roundtable Discussion

Past Areas of activity

Thailand / France / Japan

Products we handle

Wakame, pork, apple, peach, fresh fish, octopus, anglerfish, konnyaku, tomato, tomatojuice, rice, ricemalt, scallops, abalone, sea squirt, peach preserves, oysters, maple cider, rice fl our mix, green onion, sea urchin, edible physalis, Oborisoma ware, wine, cider, young sardine, flatfish, conger eel


Areas of activity

Small to medium-sized producers in agriculture, fisheries, and other food-related industries based in Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima


Shef’s Comment

We are the Food Industry in Tohoku Producer and Connecting Global Markets.

Tetsuya Muto, chef, Bistro D'arbre french, Ebisu branch
photo: Tetsuya Muto

Tetsuya Muto, chef, Bistro D'arbre french, Ebisu branch Produce from Tohoku’ s fertile soil and sea is sent to us directly after a thorough cleaning process. After the disaster, the sale of produce slumped and producers in Tohoku explored ways to make their produce more appealing. The fishermen started to focus on quality over quantity. They made the mesh bigger on their nets so they would not catch small fish and killed the fish with methods requested by customers. They are careful with packaging so the fish arrive in the best condition. How we handle agricultural produce is the result of years of experience, and trial and error. We feel the soul of the producers. Since the produce is of high quality, we, as chefs, look for its most appealing aspect. Then, we figure out the best way to cook it to draw out its aroma, texture, and umami. We also think about how to pair the produce with other ingredients. We believe that our customers feel that our food is prepared with a great emphasis on the ingredients.

Masaya Watanabe, chef, Oupe, Sendai-city, Miyagi
photo: Masaya Watanabe

I have had the experience of cooking almost all of the produce made by the producers in our community. In terms of the quality of the produce, it evolves rapidly day-to-day as a result of the producers’ constant research and efforts. I am convinced that the one thing all the producers have in common is their love of the terroir. Terroir is a word in French cuisine that is reflected in my cooking. It refers to the notion that wine and agricultural produce that is created under the same conditions such as the weather and terrain and a shared agricultural tradition, will result in similar characteristics in flavor and taste. Even though the producers are making different types of produce and all the produce is harvested in Tohoku, a wide variety of terroir is scattered throughout the region. It is not an exaggeration to say that the produce they make on their land is their identity. In my work, I am only telling the stories of each producer. And I am convinced that the diverse stories these producers tell contribute to the unwavering appeal of the produce of Tohoku. I would like you to think of the smile on the faces of the producers when you savor the produce of Tohoku. Their produce will not only satisfy your palate, but will also fill your heart with joy.